Magnetic therapy pad is simple to use & has no side effects

Magnetic therapy is a safe therapy method, which has no side effects and it is based on an electromagnetic sine wave field and low frequencies. In a form of a pad – Magus magnetic therapy pad – is very simple to use at your home, and it comes without any complicated instructions. Because Magus pad effects your cells, you’ll be able to ease your pain and your health issues in a natural way.

PEMF Magus therapy

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Treat chronic lower back pain;

Relieve joint pain (arthritis, arthrosis);

Speed up the healing process (bones and wounds);

With rheumatism issues;

With osteoporosis issues;

Recover faster from a sports injury;

Improve sleep quality;

Strengthen the immune system.


    Can be used at home, 2-3 times a day;

    A large and a small pap included in the set;

    The small pad also has a heating effect;

    Simultaneous use by several family members;

    It has no side effects;

    An individual therapy lasts from 15 to 30 minutes;

    24/7 customer support;

    Made in Slovenia.

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      magnetic therapy


      Several clinical studies have proved the effectiveness of electromagnetic therapy.

      Magnetic therapy (user guide)

      It is recommended to have 2 to 3 therapies per day lasting 15 or 30 minutes. The instructions for proper use are short and concise, in English.

      How does magnetic therapy work?

      Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is based on pulsating sine wave magnetic fields at specific frequencies.

      A home magnetic therapy is a worthy health investment for the whole family, because it can be used by all family members. The therapy has no side effects, which has been determined by experts in the field and you can read all about it by following the link where the doctors expressed their own opinion about the therapy.

      An electromagnetic therapy is the therapy of the 21st century precisely because it is a modern method and we cannot imagine advanced rehabilitation and treatment without pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. As you can see below, this type of therapy has several names:

      • Pulsed magnetic therapy,
      • Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy,
      • Magnetotherapy,
      • Magnetic therapy.

      Of course, all these mean exactly the same thing. But the thing is, if you are interested in a magnetic therapy device, the one to choose is definitely a Magus magnetic therapy pad.

      The name electromagnetic is because it works with electricity and emits a magnetic field and therapy because it is an established term that stands for therapeutic process.

      Tina Stifter

      My name is Tina and I have been involved in Magus magnetic therapy pad since its inception. I have a lot of knowledge about magnetic therapy and I’m learning more and more about it every day, mostly from Magus pad users and also the magnetotherapy experts.

      In addition to working with my clients, I enjoy traveling and sports, I am married and a mother to two boys.