Electromagnetic therapy

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Electromagnetic therapy is a safe and non-invasive physical therapy method that has no side effects.

PEMF-Magus is the number one accessory for electromagnetic therapy in the form of a pad. It is designed and manufactured in EU. Electromagnetic therapy is intended for anyone who would like to relieve their health issues or strengthen their immune system in a natural way. In the community of experts, the electromagnetic therapy is often called the therapy of 21st century.

Due to the fact that it comes in a shape of a pad, it is very simple to use, especially at home. Besides its simplicity, the benefit is that all the family members can use it, even elderly and children.


The Magus electromagnetic therapy comes in a set with two pads: a large pad (to use for the whole body) and a small pad (for the areal use, just place it at the area with your health issue).

Where can you use it:

  • in a bed, when you sleep,
  • in the living room when you watch your favorite TV show,
  • on a chair in your office.

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Magus Magnetic therapy

M.D Barovič, Jože, DPhysio specialist explains:

“Magus magnetic therapy is a therapy of today and it uses a sine wave magnetic field. The essence of the oscillation theory is that each cell in a human body oscillates in its own rhythm, whereby the cells exchange information, in other words they communicate with each other, much like you and I are communicating right now, which we call positive or negative energy between people. If a cell in a human body becomes ill, its oscillating rhythm changes. What we want to do for the recovery is that over time we want its oscillation to swing back to its natural healthy rhythm.”

Elektromagnetic therapy: What to use it for

  • Treatment for chronic lower back pain;
  • Joint pain relief (arthritis, arthrosis);
  • To speed up the healing process (bones and wounds);
  • It helps with helps rheumatism issues;
  • It helps with osteoporosis issues;
  • For faster recovery from a sports injury;
  • To improve sleep quality;
  • To help strengthen the immune system.
  • Can be used at home, 2-3 times a day;
  • A large and a small pap included in the set;
  • The small pad also has a heating effect;
  • Simultaneous use by several family members;
  • It has no side effects;
  • An individual therapy lasts from 15 to 30 minutes
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Made in EU.




The difference between an electromagnetic sine wave field and a static magnetic field

“The difference between static magnetic fields and electromagnetic sine wave filed is in their physical properties. The static magnet fields have no operating frequency and their effect is shown only in the immediate vicinity of the magnet. On the other hand, the low-frequency electromagnetic sine wave field penetrates into all biological structures. This unobstructed penetration changes the tension of cell membranes, accelerates the transport of energy and minerals, and participates in the conversion of ADP to ATP,” said M.D Barovič, Jože.